Monday, November 2, 2015

Rrare Item Monday - Orange and Purple High Top Sneakers

This weeks Rare Item Monday is this lovely pair of High Top Sneakers. I personally love this color scheme, especially this orange (I often wear items with this color a lot)! I think its most appealing to me because its bright and soft and not dark, however its not exactly... neon? Hm. Not sure how to really describe it!

This color scheme also works really well as orange and purple are nearly contrasting colors. Blue and orange are true constrating colors, and purple and yellow are true constrasting colors. So this is kind of the nice inbetween.

Don't forget to buy this before Monday ends!

Pilgrim Hat and Chrysanthemums

Now that Halloween has gone and passed, the next major holiday is known as a day of thanks... so much so that its part of its name - Thanksgiving! Which is why one our new items just happens to be  a Pilgrim Hat, which the pilgrims who started Thanksgiving were said to have worn. Now you can throw that more than just traditional Thanksgiving dinner...

A pretty common returning item, the Pilgrim Hat was first released back in the November of 2010.

Along with this comes the new monthly flower at Treetop Gardens, this time Chrysanthemums (also known as 'mums'). These mums come in a bouquet or just one bloom.

Fun fact: in Texas, where I am from, we have a special homecoming tradition in which we make giant, huge, extravagant ribbons called "mums". This is because the center piece of the mum is a mum - as in a chrysanthemum! While they used to be real, most of the flowers used for these homecoming mums are fake nowadays.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Night of the Phantoms and Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween jammers! I hope you have a good time going trick-or-treating, attending parties, or just dressing up - whatever you are doing for Halloween - and stay safe!

On Animal Jam, it's Night of the Phantoms. The banner above greets you as you login, and Jamaa is full of Halloween parties to attend! Go have some fun but be sure to grab your Trick-Or-Treat Bucket in Jam Mart Clothing before you go getting candy.

I usually end up missing Halloween on AJ for some reason. This is my first one since maybe 2012 or 2013! Either way, this bucket was a new thing for me. I was actually expecting it to be a neck item that you hold in your mouth or something like that, but it actually is just worn on your side. 

Jammers at their dens giving out candy or throwing parties, don't forget to get a Candy Bowl! Where else are you gonna keep your sweets? This item is a perfect must-have for any Halloween party or trick-or-treating party.

Have fun, jammers! Be sure to tell us all your Halloween and Night of the Phantoms memories... and don't forget, pictures or it didn't happen! ;^)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Monster Teeth

With Halloween being tomorrow and the anticipation to see if bats may actually be released later today or tomorrow, Animal Jam has added a new item to stores! This time it's the classic Monster Teeth. 

You can buy them for a good 500 gems. Pick a color and pretend you're a vampire while you're at it! Just don't go biting random strangers in Jamaa... ;^)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Phantom Gate Glitch

Earlier today I was playing the Phantoms game (the one with the torch and candy) for the 5th level prize. Every year, I expect to get better at this game, but I'm always terrible. I barely made it to level 5 after about 7 attempts. But eventually I made it and got the Phantom Gate prize.

However, it was just tonight I figured I'd find a way to incorporate it into my den. Seeing as I'm a nonmember, my den has a ton of strange themes going on, so I had to find some weird way to make it work. Nonmembers, you'll understand. 

Anyways, this odd glitch happened to me; when I had the den editor open, my mouse was no where near the Phantom Gate but instead on the button you press to change dens, however it still acted like my mouse was on the Phantom Gate, as pictured:

You can click the picture to make it bigger. But anyways, if you look, the "Switch Your Den" hover is there becuase that was where my mouse was. Not sure why my mouse didn't appear in the picture!

After I left the den editor, my Phantom Gate was still outlined in white like I was moving it! And my remove and rotate buttons were still there, though my wall icon kind of blocks them. How weird and/or spooky! ;^)

Something is telling me this isn't uncommon though, and it isn't just with this item. It seems like one of those glitches. Have you guys ever came across this?

Bats May Soon Be Flying Into Jamaa

Everyone's heard about the next new animal potentially being an arctic fox, however, a recent Facebook post has suggested otherwise. Animal Jam had earlier teamed up with Bat Conservation International, collaborating on some new facts and videos about bats for Bat Week.

Bat Conservation International's official Facebook page left this reply to an Animal Jam players comment, providing new evidence that this new animal may infact be something else:

Image courtesy of Animal Jam Spirit.
So is this new animal a bat? Some jammers are even suggesting that it is a bat and could be released tomorrow or the day after - the day of Halloween or the eve before. It does seem oddly fitting. What do you think? Is it still arctic foxes or is it a bat?

New Head Items - Zombie Mask, Robot Mask, Mummy Mask, and Halo

With Halloween getting more and more nearer, not even a handful of days away, Animal Jam is adding all sorts of new Halloween items. And as a result of that, we have these new masks and halo in stores! Take a look:

From left: Mummy Mask, Halo, Robot Mask

Anything look familiar? I believe so! Along with this was another mask additon. 

This is certainly a bit off... when it comes to being a zombie in my opinion. It just looks like a green, spotted skull to me rather than zombie. What do you guys think? Agree or disagree that it looks like a zombie? Hm.

Buy a few masks and take a few pictures! Better yet, throw a whole Halloween party!